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How to Create or Update your Profile on MarketDesign

Thank you for joining our business community on MarketDesign.

We keep listing every day! While ensuring that you can meet & learn

with others, find over 5000 marketplaces, create digital menus or catalogues, lease land or property, host events, share your expertise, easily do market research for your business ideas, and get informed about steps to Export markets!

This is the start of a great journey to promote and help African businesses to thrive in the global market!

Here are some quick steps on how to create or update your profile:

To Create your Business Profile, click… (Quick Links on the footer menu option… Create a Business Profile) To LOGIN to your account, click… (Quick Links on the footer menu option… LOGIN) To View & Edit your Profile, click… (Quick Links on the footer menu option… Edit My Profile) To View & Edit your Products or Services, click… (Quick Links on the footer menu option… View my Products or Services) NEW FEATURES for your product or service

  1. You can Create an Event eg. Product Showcase, Consultancy Service or Host a Meet & Greet. Click to view your product or service then select the (+Create Event) option. Once created, be sure to share the link with others and on social media!

  2. You can Promote your products or services in the community as we grow! On your list of products or services, click the (Promote your listing) under the product or service of your choice.

  3. You can Share your product or services on other social media. Click to view your product or service, then select the (< Share) icon to choose which media to share your listing to.

Happy Marketing, Learning & Growing your Business! The MarketDesign team.

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